Thursday, 18 December 2008

Reiss Dresses - High Street Style

Reiss dress 1
Reiss dress 2
Reiss Dress 4
Reiss dress 5
Reiss Dress 6

I would normally object in a big way to paying such high prices in a high street shop. But with Reiss I some how get drawn in. I am not sure why but think it may be something to do with the gorgeous and intricate details on the dresses or the gorgeously bright but grown up colours. The clothes manage to be fashionable and trendy but in a very classy way. With the prices of these Autumn winter dresses reduced by up to £40, I am finding myself more and more tempted to indulge.

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Reiss Scarlet dress said...

I love Reiss 2!!I've attached this beautiful dress i got the other day!its called Scarlet dress!Everybody seems to be going crazy about Reiss at the moment