Sunday, 28 December 2008

Shrinking Clothes

I used to curse the washing machine and the tumble dryer and spend loads of time carefully hand washing and line drying my clothes in case of shrinkage. These days, it is a whole different story. Everything goes in the washing machine and a large proportion of clothes in the tumble dryer as well. This is not just because I am so busy and can't be bothered to faff about when I am washing clothes, but I have also discovered that the tumble dryer is a great way to deal with all of those clothes that are too big.

First it was the Sainsburys cashmere cardigan which ended up as a cropped cardigan with 3/4 sleeves, then it was the harem pants that were bought in error and looked ridiculous, but now they have shrunk are no where near as bad. As I am petite (5ft 2 just), almost everything that I buy is a bit too big or too long. Baggy clothes look rubbish on me so shrinking them a bit is the perfect answer. Now would be the time for me to add some pictures of my mini shrunken clothes but I am afraid that I am still working on the camera situation and hope to be adding my own pictures soon. Please beware if you choose to shrink your clothes though, there is no guarentee how much they will shrink!

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