Thursday, 18 December 2008

A Year of Fashion - 2008

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This year seems to have been packed with fashion, perhaps because I immerse myself in it constantly. As is customary to do, I am going to look back over 2008, the fashion moments, trends and news that meant something to me. Apologies for the length of the post but its been a long year.

Designer high street collaborations - There have been so many this year from Comme de Garcons at H & M to Giles Deacon at New Look. I am under no illusions that these collections are no where near as good as the real thing they bring more choice and inovation and choice to the high street and in my eyes that a good thing.

The opening of the much awaited Bristol Harvey Nichols - After all the hype and waiting, I have only managed to visit the Bristol Harvey Nichols once. I have many trips planned for 2009 already.

Eclectic Style - The new fashion is being different and finding your own style. Whilst we are still following trends, I think generally people are becoming more experimental and creative with their outfits by mixing designer, high street and vintage and seeking out quirky and different clothes and accessories. Street Style and the many fashion and style blogs must surely have inspired some of this.

Greater accessibility to designer wear - online designer fashion boutiques have been sprouting all over the place. There is no a huge amount of choice online for designer wear from old favourites like Net-a-porter, Matches, Yoox and Koodos, to newer sites like Start London and more designer lines on established sites like ASOS and Urban Outfitters.
Credit crunch style - Whilst has been great to have more designer choice online, in reality many of us have had to cut back on our clothes shopping.Some of the lower end fashion shops like Dorothy Perkins, TK Maxx and Uniqlo have become really fashionable. Perhaps Dorothy Perkins new found popularity also has something to do with Gok Wan.

Mixing patterns and getting braver - I am not yet quite brave enough to post pictures of my outfits but I am getting braver. This year I have had great fun mixing patterns and creating new looks that I would never hve considered before.

Crazy legs - 2008 has definitely been the year of the leg from thigh high boots to coloured pattered and lace tights, to leggings including leather and wetlook.

Second hand fashion - Along with the ethical and green fashion revolution, recycling and swapping of clothes has become huge. From swishing parties to clothes swapping sites and of course selling on ebay.

Please add any of your favourite fashion moments from 2008 in the comments.


susie_bubble said...

I second crazy legs....!

Shini said...

great list, really nice to see it all out on the table. Also 2008 seems to be a year where the number of fashion blogs rose exponentially :P

Soho500 said...

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Susie said...

Tights are one of my faves from 2008. I have so many different colours and patterns.

Andy said...


Everybody's been tightening their belts – or at least talking about tightening their belts! And all this talk of belts has some of us dreaming of a new one, or a new dress or a new pair of heels. But with the world economy being what it is, not all of us are ready to shell out money for a new addition to our wardrobes, so lots of us are trading clothes ‘online’ at swap sites. I use Does anyone else use clothes swapping websites or go Swishing?