Monday, 26 January 2009

All the Mod Cons

I have recently joined Polyvore with the aim of trying to create lots of pretty pictures to include in my blog posts. I am still getting to grips with how it works and have not yet managed any pretty pictures. I will persevere with it and promise to have lots of pictures soon.

I did however find a very cool online retailer called Modcloth. This American store does not as the name suggests stock just mod clothing but has a range of sort of retro and indie style clothing, accessories and furniture. It has an amazing accessories section which I had to tear myself away from to get on and do some work. There is also a selection of clothes from indie designers and brands including Bettie Page, Tulle Clothing and Stop Staring and a one off vintage section.

The Modlife Blog was also fairly addictive which pointed me to even more great finds and websites to visit and bucket loads of style inspiration.
There was just so much stuff that I loved on this website, I don't know wear to start. It seems like a long way to get stuff shipped from the US but I am sure that the piles of stuff that I would want would make it well worth it. I am compiling my wish list as I type. The site also offers fast shipping to the UK !

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