Monday, 12 January 2009

The Bell Dress

Balenciaga SS08

Calvin Klein SS09

Alexander McQueen SS09

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Following the Balenciaga look of the moulded sort of dress last summer, there have been a few other appearances of, what I have named the bell dress, for spring summer 09. At first, I really loved the look of this dress but on careful consideration, have decided that whilst it looks lovely on the models, it will not be any good for me.
I think this style of dress looks great on very thin girls who benefit from the addition of a few curves. I have enough curves especially around the hip area and have no need of any additional shape. Also being quite short, I have little doubt that this style of dress would make me look like a weeble.
Finally, the designer versions of these dresses are lovely. I may be wrong but I think it is unlikely that this style will be replicated much on the high street. Any version of this style of dress that I can afford will probably look ridiculous.
So there we have it. The bell dress, a great style for skinny, tall girls with lots of money. But definitely not for me.

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Mi Fashion Blog said...

Bell dresses are a hard trend to pull off but I do love that Alexander McQueen number.