Monday, 26 January 2009

A Bit of a Tiger

I have long been a fan of animal prints including tiger leopard and zebra. But I love the latest trend for animal pictures ,particularly of the cat family, even more. This look seems to have been started recently by Lauren Moshi and her animal print t shirts that have been spotted on the likes of Paris and Sienna. This definitely reminds me of an eighties trend for bomber jackets with pictures of Tigers. Perhaps this is why I love this look so much, as it it has a bit of nostalgia for me. It also makes me smile just a little bit. It has a much fresher feel than all of the animal prints that I have seen in the past and definite eighties feel about it.

I will definitely be giving this look a try but would like to do it a bit differently than the standard leggings and leather jacket rock chic kind of look. I would like to try mixing it up with some bright colours like this green tulip skirt and some very eye catching Celeste Stein animal print tights.

green tulip skirt

pink fuscia cheetah tightscheetah tightsanimal print tights

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Kenny said...

miauuu....i like it:)