Friday, 16 January 2009

Cold Weather Style Solutions

I love ASOS and regularly shop there. Each month I have a little chuckle at the style update that they email me. This time it was about what to wear to keep warm and look stylish in the cold weather. I will have to admit this is something I struggle with, keeping warm, not slipping on the ice and still managing to look good.

Hmm- I already have lots of scarves but this is hardly something new, wearing a scarf when it is cold? Wearing a £145 scarf is something new to me though - don't they know there is a recession on.

Trousers and jeans are just about the only things that I manage to wear in the freezing cold weather. I am just trying to imagine the look on the mums at the schools faces when I turn up to pick up the children in wet look harem trousers (bottom left). I struggled with the wetlook leggings and harem pants separately, but the two looks combined is beyond me. Perhaps I am just getting old.

They suggest lots of thin layers to keep warm, which is a great idea but cinched in with a belt. Another look I am afraid I just won't be able to carry off with out getting the sack of potatoes effect. Perhaps because I am so short!

They suggest if you are brave to try wearing socks with high heel peep toe shoes. Apparently all the fashion editors were wearing them at the shows. I'm afraid I am not brave enough, not unless the socks were super thick, thermal ones. The fashion editors might have frost bite resistant toes. I have not.

I will continue to buy clothes at ASOS but I think I will decide what and how to wear them.

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