Thursday, 8 January 2009

The curse of social media

I am finding myself increasingly alarmed at the number of shops going under recently. I love clothes shopping although I do not get out on the high street very often. I put this down to me being a very busy working mum with two young children. But I hope that when my children are a bit older I will again be able to spend whole days shopping for clothes as I used to, at least once a month. At the rate things are going, there may not be any high street shops left by then.

Surely some of the demise of the high street is caused by social media. The Facebook generation, as they call it, spend so much time poking, blogging, digging and tweeting, they have no time left for high street shopping. Please I urge you to drag yourself away from your computer before it is too late and the great fashion found on the British high street is gone forever.

OK - I realise this is completely over the top but you know what I mean and I know I am as guilty as anyone of this.

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