Thursday, 15 January 2009

Eco Fashion - Linda Loudermilk

eco fashion
eco fashion
Linda is described on her website as visionary couture and eco designer. She has also been described by Elle as "Vivienne Westwood of Eco". I don't know why but I found it difficult to get excited when I first read about her designs whilst writing an article about eco fashion. Perhaps, it is that feeling that if it is something good and virtuous, it is bound to be a bot boring. Whilst there are some amazing designers coming up in the eco fashion arena, I think they are still fairly few and far between.

Linda's designs were however just as described and a lots more. The eco thing seems to have thrown up a whole range of possibilities and materials that perhaps would never have been considered if they did not have the added benefit of contributing to the sustainability. Linda began using organic textiles that from natural sources like bamboo, SeaCell® (seaweed) and Ingeo™ (corn) a bit of a change from the many organic t shirt ranges which really bore me. Linda also creates a very interesting effect using recycled textiles such as lace remnants. All of this is combined with an amazing flair for tailoring and creating clothes with a beautiful and flattering cut. Her couture range for autumn winter 08 had some gorgeously different and innovative pieces that could never be called boring!

Unfortunately I was unable to get any photographs of the couture collection. The above photos are from her autumn winter range and were taken from stockists I would really recommend a visit to her website to view the couture range.

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