Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all readers and bloggers. I am not going to reel out a list of my new years resolutions although I have a fair few. I have started the new year with renewed sense of purpose and determination. The Christmas choccies and mince pies that I have been munching on non stop for the last two weeks are finished and I am back to blogging more regularly.

I have finally managed to make a decision on what to spend some of my Christmas money on after hours of looking through the online sales. Isn't it funny, when you have no money to spend, there is so much that you want to buy. When I have some money to spend, I just can't seem to make up my mind. Probably just because there is so much that I want. I spent quite a long time podering whether to buy one designer item or lots of other stuff and eventually decided on lots of stuff.
Anyway I decided upon a leather jacket and pair of black shoes from ASOS as I think both will get plenty of wear. The black shoes are to replace a pair of Mary Jane shoes that I bought when I was at University (quite a long time ago) and have worn and worn. They are now falling apart and have had to go in the bin.
The leather jacket is cropped which seems to be a flattering style on me as I am so short. It will probably be a bit cold for the winter but great for the Spring. I may just get away with wearing it with a cropped thin cashmere cardigan underneath and pair of long gloves if it is not too cold.

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