Saturday, 3 January 2009

Individual Style

I was flicking through my latest copy of Elle, when I spotted the introduction to the Elle Fashion February section.

"a NEW YOU if the early Noughties were about the It bag, the It shoe and the hot trends of the season, the late noughties are about defining your individuality. The fashion world is no longer serving up trends en masse. Instead designers are playing to their personal strengths and producing some of the most diverse, memorable and unique fashion we've seen for years" From Elle Magazine

Hooray. I have been saying for some time, as I am sure have so many others, the sheepish following of trends is so over. I hate the idea of the IT bag and IT shoes. I did question why I keep reviewing the trends on my blog, if they are over. But I will continue to do so, as I like to look at what is out there to gain inspiration for my own style.

The trends do represent what is in the shops and as I usually buy my clothes in the shops, I will be following trends in one way or another. But I will usually try to pick and choose items that suit me not just because they are a trend and can be tailored to my own unique style. But it is great that designers are offering more diversity. That means more choice, more inspiration and more opportunities to create my own personal style.

So here is my description of my personal style:-
An eclectic mixture of different styles including well fitting tailored and casual together, neutral colours, brights and patterns and a variety of textures, with an occasional usual piece or wacky accessory. Actually, pretty much anything goes as long as it suits my figure, height and colouring.

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