Monday, 5 January 2009

Josh Goot - Spring Summer 09

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Whilst the weather is so cold, it seems so strange to be thinking about summer clothing, but I have bought all that I will be buying of winter clothing, so there is not much point in thinking about them anymore. I have to think about something (if you know what I mean).

If I am going to be thinking about anything for the summer, then Josh Goot will be on my list. Josh is Australian and started his label a few years ago but made his debut at London Fashion Week with his spring summer 09 collection. The collection was psychedelic in a fresh, energising and modern way. It showed a cross over from art to fashion in a very stylish way. The colourful prints on the clothes were taken from water colours and the whole collection showed that he had been playing with colour. I loved the block colour jersey outfits, both pale washed out pastels and neutrals and bright juicy colours. Probably the brights would be my favourite but I would definitely wear both. I can't get enough of bright colours for the summer and these colours made me want to sing. It is great to see such bright colours used in such a simple and minimalistic way.

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