Saturday, 10 January 2009

Jumpsuits - a generalisation

There seems to bit of a dislike, by many people, of jumpsuits. I am a bit puzzled about this, as it seems like such a generalisation. I can never understand my husband when he says "I don't like soup", every soup tastes different and as he has probably only tried one or two types, so he is closing his mind to a multitude of culinary experiences. Similarly the jumpsuit manifests in so many different guises, that to say I don't like jumpsuits is a bit like saying I don't like dresses. Of courses everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I certainly don't want to become a dictator on the matter.

Perhaps those who don't like jumpsuits object to the idea of them, much like my husband dislikes the idea of soup being a mushed up puree of everything.I love the idea of jumpsuits being like a more practical version of a dress with no need to choose separate tops and bottoms. Of course, I don't like all styles of jumpsuit and very few of them suit me but I hope that I will be able to find the perfect one for Spring 09. I previously posted about jumpsuits last Spring when they were more of a micro trend, this year they look to be much more of a full on trend. That means that there should be loads of choice in the shops which is perfect for fussy, short shoppers like me that find it difficult to find things that suit.

jumpsuit alexander mcqueen ss09
Alexander McQueen

jumpsuit bottega veneta ss09Bottega Veneta

jumpsuit chloe ss09


jumpsuit dkny ss09


jumpsuit etro ss09Etro

jumpsuit proenza shuler ss09

Proenza Schouler

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