Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Lover the Label

pictures from http://www.net-a-porter.com/

I love British fashion, in fact I would say that sometimes I concentrate on British fashion almost to the exclusion of all else. But after my post on Josh Goot, I decided that perhaps there was a whole wealth of fashion talent that I have never even considered even in places as far away as Australia. After a bit of searching around I came up with another cool Aussie label, Lover the Label. The only problem being the mileage in terms of buying anything but luckily it is stocked at good old Net-a-Porter.

I have to say after the fustration of their irritatingly slow website (or perhaps it is my computer) and the confusion about which season equates to which collections (as I think their seasons are opposite to ours), I started to get a bit fed up. But in the end I just went to Net-a-Porter instead and my perserverance paid off. I found some of the lovely romantic and feminine ruffled dresses that I had read about and a gorgeous retro style blouse. Not bad for a label founded by duo Susien Chong and Nic Briand on a market stall in 2001. The prices are the usual designer expensive (although cheaper than many other labels on Net-a-Porter), but it will definitely be something for me to look forward to when I make my first million.

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