Tuesday, 20 January 2009

More Good News - Designer Discounts

I know that I have previously promised not to harp on about the recession and credit crunch. As it is having such an impact on so many peoples lives and is constantly in the media, it is very difficult to ignore. So my new promise is only to mention credit crunch and recession in a positive and optimistic way. I realise that this may be even more irritating than the media preaching perpetual doom and gloom but I'm afraid that I am just a naturally happy sort of person and so can't help it.

The latest recession busting good news is that Net-A-Porter is launching a discount site. I have always loved the clothes on Net-A-Porter but unfortunately they are slightly, well actually quite a lot out of my league. The closest that I get to buying anything is browsing through the sales items. The new site called theoutnet.com will launch in April and will sell cancelled orders of designer goods at up to 80% discount- I can't wait.

I recently read a post by Disney Roller Girl on Diggin the new: retail concepts which described some of the new and clever ideas being used by retailers to encourage us to spend our money with them. I am all for this and when combined with the discounts being offered by many fashion retailers, it makes for an even better shopping experience. I can't wait that is if I have got any money to spend!

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