Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Sustainable Style - Wooden Accessories

I am starting to become a lot more aware, through my work and other projects that I working on (more about that soon), of the environmental impact that clothing and fashion has. The more I write about eco fashion and environmental issues, the more that I buy into the fact that we need to reduce landfill and reduce the chemical emissions caused by the manufacture of clothes. The notion of changing trends and clothes each season is becoming more and more of a ridiculous concept. But for all of my earth warrior tendencies, I struggle to find that much that I really like about eco fashion. I am not saying that there is no good sustainable fashion but there is certainly no where near as much choice as there is for conventional fashion. I am however finding more and more goodies when it comes to eco fashion that stand on their own design merits even without the green/ eco/ ethical credentials.
I was quite excited to discover two designers of wooden accessories on Agent4change an organisation showcasing the work of eco designers. Anthony Roussel uses sustainable wood and laser-cutting technology to create the most amazingly intricate and astonishingly beautiful jewellery. There is no doubt that this is wearable art at its best. I think it would need to be worn with a very minimalist white outfit to really be enjoyed at its best and not to take any attention away from its beauty.

iWood Ecodesign use reclaimed exotic wood to produce these amazingly cool sunglasses. I can imagine wearing these with a cream linen outfit on a hot summers day.

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