Friday, 9 January 2009

Wholly Cow

wholly cow clothing

wholly cow tweed dress

wholly cow clothing I found Wholly Cow Clothing somewhere on the internet, whilst generally just browsing one evening and wasting time. One of those situations when I was too tired to write anything but had too much to do to stop and go to bed. Luckily this time it proved not to be a waste of time as I think I have discovered a real gem.

I love the name, I love the photos which remind me of growing up by the sea but most of all I love the clothes. Whilst the beach photos give a great feel for the Autumn winter collection, for those like myself who really like to have a good close up look, it is well worth visiting the website. The designs are really original and all of the clothes are handcrafted in the North of England. Lisa Germaney has been working in fashion design since the mid eighties but only started up the label last year and I am certainly glad she did.

The Autumn winter collection looks quirky and different and contrasts bright trims like tulle and velvet ribbon and modern shapes with traditional fabrics like tartan and tweed. Looking at previous stuff, each of the collections has its own unique twist but they are also very wearable clothes.

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