Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Bottoms for Spring Summer

By bottoms, I mean skirts and trousers or clothes worn on the bottom half of the body as opposed to the actual bottom or butt as my delightful 6 year old daughter likes to call it. I have suddenly developed a desire for new skirts and trousers, which is a bit of a change for me as I usually just want to buy more and more dresses. There seems to be a real trend for skirts this year so that is probably what has changed my mind (although I still love dresses).

Try as I might, I just can't seem to get on with either harem pants, they make my bum look huge and feel slightly ridiculous in them or the big flared style of skirts. Neither of these styles are great for petites. But I have found some other great bottoms which I think are great for petites and that I really would love to get.

The Pull on jeans or treggings - These give me the best of both worlds, the close fit of leggings with a bit more added support and a structure. Pull on rinse jeans - Urban Outfitters

The hitched skirt - I love the slightly untidy scruffyness of this style of skirt, great for that not trying to hard look - Full Circle Ruched Skirt - Urban Outfitters

Bright coloured tulip skirt - there is a whole range of brightly coloured skirts in Dorothy Perkins and I love them all. The possibilities of clashing and eye popping skirt and tights combinations are endless. Coral Piped Tulip Skirt - Dorothy Perkins

The Pencil Skirt - for me this style is perfect, it is completely versatile for most occasions. Pencil skirt - Marks and Spencers

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