Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Completely Unique

unique style
individual style
My quest for uniqueness in fashion has taken me to No Editions, a project in producing mens and womans clothing that is completely unique. They state "no editions, no duplicates, no repetitions". An interesting concept for those of us (probably most of us) who will only ever be able to afford off the peg clothing except for an amazingly special occassion such as a wedding dress. The project focuses on production of unique clothing through printing and other decoration. The designs are made using personal and aesthetic criteria rather than a mechanical automated process. The prints on the final garments extend over the stitching and finishing giving a somewhat seamless finish. The prints are influenced by geometric shapes and historic forms.

Whilst a piece of No Editions clothing would guarantee me uniqueness, I was interested to see how desirable the pieces were and if the degree of uniqueness would be enough to make me feel completely individual.
My verdict, I loved it- the row upon row of similar but different monochromatic images had a strange and earring feeling about them, a bit like photo's of prison inmates. But generally the designs were a lot more interesting than I had expected. They included dresses, T shirts, jackets and so on and the designs were actually pretty good in their own right, without adding the uniqueness element. OK not every single design was amazingly different but there was enough of a graduation in the collection to ensure you would not bump into anyone else wearing the same.

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