Thursday, 5 February 2009

Let it Snow

With the weather being uncharacteristically snowy and cold for the UK, I have an overwhelming urge to just snuggle up warm and stay in doors. This is quite easy to do considering that I work from home. But there are odd occasions over the last few days , other than building a snow man or two, that I have needed to venture outside, including when I got caught in a snow storm on Tuesday.

On these occasions, I have real difficulties finding something stylish but warm and practical to wear. My winter duffle coat that I bought earlier in the year is almost falling apart - a big mistake, next time I will definitely opt for quality. I have some other coats but all are fairly boring and mundane. The perfect option for this weather and for building snow men in style would be some ski wear from Stella McCartney Adidas range but no sooner would I have ordered it then the snow would be gone, not to return for a few years.

I think the best option for looking stylish in the cold weather is accessorising a good quality versatile coat with lovely hats, scarves and gloves. I love the trend for wearing a ladies ski jacket and ladies salopettes are also a practical solution forthe cold weather. When looking for unusual varieties of hats, scarves and gloves Etsy is prime hunting ground. I have noticed more and more Etsy stuff appearing on fashion blogs. Lately I have been steering well clear of Etsy for fear of wasting huge amounts of time just browsing. But today in the interests of warmth, I have come up with my favourite Etsy winter warmers.

wrist warmers

chandelier long print scarf

crochet hat

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susie_bubble said...

The chandelier print scarf is my fave!