Monday, 23 February 2009

LFW - Topshop Unique

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I sometimes find it hard to think of Topshop Unique as real designer fashion. Perhaps it is just the link in my head with Topshop I spent much of my teenage years. Another aspect of Topshop Unique which differs from man designer collections is it's real wearability and the way that it seems to be so in touch with types of clothes that people will wear (or I will any way). Needless to say I loved the Autumn winter 09 collection. The interesting layering, the multitude of textures and eye catchingly different accessories. All very cleverly combined into a look that I think many young people will be able to identify with. I love the matching patterns on skirts and leggings, the flashes of neon colours with black, the great big chunky knit shawl like scarf, fingerless gloves and fringed details and accessories.

I was slightly shocked to read on that the collection is aimed at teenagers who will not have remembered the eighties and early nineties first time around. I am hoping that it doesn't rule me out from wearing this look which I do remember from last time around, but only just. Perhaps that is why I love this collection so much.

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