Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Richard Nicoll - Corsets, Suspenders and Undies

pictures from http://www.style.com/.
Richard Nicoll is slowly becoming more adventurous with his collections. His AW09 collection definitely made me sit up and take note, some refreshingly different but for the most part very wearable pieces. There was a very obvious but at the same time subtle, underwear theme with suspender clasps either hanging or ebellishing clothing, corset style dresses and slip like dresses. He had also played around with the idea of see through and transparent clothing which created interest by revealing other layers of clothing underneath. Trench coats were also seen throughout the show with some being cropped to just below shoulder level with contrasting style shimmering slip dresses underneath. The muted neutral tones of the whole collections were a welcome change from the usual autumn winter pallettes of dark clothes.
I particularly like the effect of the very short cropped jackets and shirts. Perhaps a good look for a bit DIY creation, now where did I put my scissors?

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