Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The Lipstick Effect

I am finding frugal living a bit of a challenge but have discovered the lipstick effect which really is true. The lipstick effect is a term that was coined by Leonard Lauder, Chairman of Estee Lauder after September 11th. It is used to describe the tendency for consumers to purchase small, comforting items such as lipstick rather than large luxury items. There has been noted a steep rise in the sales of lipsticks in times of uncertainty as these are the perfect cheer you up purchases, not too expensive but giving you that feeling of treating yourself. Amazingly buying yourself a small treat when you can't afford a whole new outfit feels just as good (well almost).

For those who are tightening their belt (be that a thrift shop, Gucci or Prada belt), the lipstick effect is a great way to keep happy in a recession, of course the cost of the lipstick will vary depending on how much you need to economise. But it is not just lipsticks that this applies to. The same can be said of any smallish accessory or make up purchases. Here are some of my favourite cheer me up lipstick size treats.

Necklace - La Redoute Creation

Fringed Bag - La Redoute Creation

Vintage Brooch - Littlewoods

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lisa said...

So that's what it's called! I'm not much of a lipstick wearer but I did find that I bought more makeup when I went on a self-imposed 5 month shopping ban (no clothes or accessories).