Thursday, 12 March 2009

Rick Owens AW09

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I am starting to suffer from fashion week burn out (as I suspect are many of my fellow fashion bloggers). Although I have not posted that much on Style Eyes, I do write for a number of other blogs and it does get to the point where you find it difficult to be inspired by any of the collections. I have therefore decided just to pick out a few of my absolute favourites from the last few shows in the hope of avoiding writing dull and uninspiring posts.

I loved the Rick Owens show which started off with a few all black outfits before moving into lots of icey grey outfits. I loved them all. There was some different looking boots and some fairly strange looking leg atire. The single colour layering is a great look and one that I will definitely be trying out. I would so love to get one of those gorgeous jackets. I love the assymetrical zips and the way that they are short at the front and longer at the back. The overall effect was a cosy looking outfit without too much bulk, perfect for me being so short.

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Tamia said...

I know, I was so tired by the time Paris FW was over I felt like I was actually there!