Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Suits You

After some careful reflection on my spending (sorry to keep on about the frugal thing), I have had a good think about which styles of clothes suit me. I have to choose carefully when buying clothes as I am only 5ft 2 and there are plenty of styles that really don't suit me. There are how ever a few different styles of clothes that always make me feel great. These are generally the clothes that hide those few extra pounds that I keep promising to loose and lumpy bumpy bits that I shall blame on having had 2 children. In light of the current economic climate, It may seem a bit boring but I will be sticking firmly to the styles of clothes that I know suit me. That is not to say that I cannot be a bit more adventurous when it comes to colours, patterns and accessories.

Bootleg trousers/ Jeans

Sheath/ shift dresses

Empire line tops and dresses

Fitted tops that finish at the waist

Pencil Skirts

Prom Dresses

Quality Jumpsuits

Tulip Style Dresses

Wrap dresses

Tailored jackets

Fitted shirts

Short and fitted cardigans

A Line Skirts

There are some items that no matter what I will avoid and if I do have any lurking in my cupboard I will swap, sell or send to the charity shop immediately.

Harem trousers

mini skirts

anything over sized

anything that clings rather than clings

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