Sunday, 19 April 2009

Bright versus Dark Florals

I am definitely a big lover of floral patterns. Most summers I am completely tempted by so many different floral dresses and often I just cannot resist the bright colours and girly charm of these dresses. This summer is no different in having a wide selection of gorgeous floral prints for me to choose from. As is often the case with fashion there is huge contrast even within the field of floral patterns. Amongst the hundreds of bright neon, pinky, acid tone and Luella like florals, there are also some darker patterns in greys, browns, neutrals and khakis.
I love my bright florals but these darker florals put a whole new take on the floral thing. They are less girly girly and much more grungy and understated. I now have yet another fashion dilemma to decide on. Do I stick to my usual brightly coloured florals which do really cheer up my day or do I go for the darker but more relaxed and easy to wear dark florals. Decisions decisions or perhaps I go for one of each which I can wear on different days depending on my mood.

The Darks

Ventilo Dress

Khaki Rose Print Dress

Black/ White Pansy Tea Dress

Rene Derhy Printed Dress

The Brights

Vibrant Bandeau Dress

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