Friday, 3 April 2009

Crop Tops and Neon Shorts

crop top

crop top

crop top
Apparently crop tops are back in fashion, which is great news unless you have a stomach like mine. Well never mind there is still plenty of time for Pilates, crunches and virtual starvation (not that I would condone this as a way of getting a flat stomach). I can see no better incentive to get a bit more toned up than these gorgeous crop tops (all from ASOS). I have heard it mentioned that this year, we will have a long hot summer - yippee. I think we deserve it after last year and crop tops will be the perfect thing to wear.

And whilst on the subject of toning up and steering well clear of the biscuit tin, I am incredibly tempted by these lovely little neon shorts (all from New Look) for the summer. Perhaps the fact that this style is another blast from the past is the attraction plus of course the gorgeous juicy colours. They would of course look best with some lovely tanned legs, now where did I put that holiday brochure.

neon shortsneon shortsneon shorts

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