Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Let the Clothes Swapping Commence

I am pleased to announce that my new clothes swapping website posh-swaps.com is now live. Posh-swaps.com is a place to swap, buy and sell second hand, vintage and reworked, recycled clothes for free including mens, womens and childrens, designer and high street clothes. Swapping, buying and selling second hand clothes has to be the ultimate alternative to guilt free shopping, it is eco friendly and frugal!

With the manufacture of clothes having a huge impact on the environment, clothes swapping is a great way to refresh your wardrobe in a sustainable way. I hope that posh-swaps.com will also become a vibrant market place for new creations made from second hand and recycled clothes. So if you have creative flair why not try making and selling some of your creations on posh-swaps.com.

I have had a bit of a clear out and listed a few of my own items to get the ball rolling.


Cyberstylist4u said...

Sweet concept!? May I link this to my blog?

Style Eyes said...

yes thank you would be delighted to have you link to it

Sandy said...

I love this idea. My girlfriends and I have swap parties all the time. It fulfills the shopping itch and doesn't kill your pockets.