Tuesday, 28 April 2009

A Q&A with Jewellery Designer Natha Perkins

I am delighted to have the opportunity to interview Natha Perkins who designs and makes unique and enchanting handcrafted jewellery which can be found on her website www.nathaperkins.com. She also has a blog and Etsy store selling her beautiful designs.

How did you get started designing and making jewellery?
I have always had the strong urge to make art and as far as jewelry went, I kept dreaming up pieces that I really wanted and could never find. When I took a metalsmithing class I thought "finally! This is my art!" I fell in love in the first class.

What is your most treasured piece of jewellery?
My most treasured piece of jewelry is my Dads wedding ring from his marriage to my stepmom- the gold was recycled from his wedding ring from his marriage to my mom so it has tons of symbolism and sentimentality for me but it is also visually amazing. It is yellow gold with a bumpy surface, set with tiny rubies that look like molten lava rising up to the surface.

What inspires you in your jewellery designs?
I am inspired largely by what is happening in my life but more specifically I am inspired by words. Language is such a lovely thing, the way you can convey a certain feeling with just a word or two. Almost all of my pieces have at least one word if not many to invoke some sort of resonance with their eventual owners.

What do you like best about your jewellery?
Well I am very attached to my jewelry of course, sometimes I have to hang onto a completed collection for a few weeks until I feel I can part with the pieces! What I like the best though is the custom aspect, the fact that you can choose a piece initially because you like say, the color and then you see that it has a word on it and you think- "Wow, "adore", oh I want to be reminded to do that" and the piece is yours...

Who buys and wears your jewellery?
I am so lucky to have a following of women who collect my jewelry. Women of all ages really, the collections are quite diverse so they seem to appeal to women from all walks with tastes that span the ages.

How would you describe your own style and where does jewellery fit in?
My whole day is thrown if I'm not comfortable in what I am wearing. I am really picky when it comes to what I wear actually- it has to feel right for how I'm feeling that day. Currently I'm liking tight jeans, tall boots, long shirts, and short dresses, sometimes all mixed together. I do feel naked without jewelry. Jewelry is sort of the icing on the cake for me and my current favorites are lots of layered necklaces and slinky earrings.

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