Monday, 11 May 2009

An Ethical One Stop Shop

Ruffle Neck Top

Embroidered Bow Top

Colourful Embrodiered Dress

Every where I turn on the Internet, I am confronted by adverts for Adili. It is almost as if they are trying to make sure that I keep up my newly found social consciousness and environmental awareness by buying Fair trade fashion. The pictures in the adverts look promising and I am all for more choice in eco fashion, so I couldn't help but take a look. Adili certainly has quite a lot of choice including organic cotton, bamboo and fairtrade items. Each picture in the look book also has a bit of an explanation of the benefits of buying the clothes eg 'US$2 billion's worth of chemicals are sprayed on cotton every year and over 20,000 cotton workers die each year because of poisoning. we want to change this so we use 100% chemical free cotton'.

Whilst I have become a lot more concerned about the impacts of my fashion choices, I will not wear anything just because it has been labelled eco fashion. I still want different, pretty, quality, stylish and well made clothes. I love Adili as it is just like a department store with its own label and a range of ethical brands including Bllack by Noir and Karen Cole. It's own label clothes are great, perhaps because Adili have taken steps to ensure that their clothing is ethical and cool. They nurture and commercially support the very best young design talent, a method of getting great designs that is used by many fashion retailers. They also have beautifully handcrafted pieces made using traditional skills passed down through generations. I love the idea of an ethical one stop shop and Adili is probaly the answer to many an ethical shoppers prayers.

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Meream said...

wow, i dont think that idea has ever crossed the minds of retailers in my country.