Friday, 15 May 2009

Osman Yousefzada Jewellery at Astley Clarke

osman yousefzada astley clarke

osman yousefzada astley clarke
osman yousefzada astley clarke
Being a huge fan of designer Osman Yousefzada, I was both interested and excited to get an email telling me of his latest collection of jewellery for Astley Clarke, a jewellers that I also love for their contemporary and innovative jewellery by a number of designers.

The capsule collection which comprises of a necklaces, bracelet and earrings is definitely true to Osman's signature style of clean minimalist lines with multicultural and architectural references. The jewellery has been produced by the finest craftsmen in the country including jewellers from Birmingham's jewellery quarter. The designs are bold and would look great with some of the eighties style clothes that are around at the moment. They would look great with the strong silhouettes of the eighties power suit with shoulder pads. They would also look amazing with a plain black dress or black top and jeans. They have both futuristic and art deco appeal.


Jewellery Gossip said...

Ahhh amazing Jewellery range! great post. We love their new designer
FRANCESCA ROMANA DIANA...she rocks and her stuff is so cheap! great site BTW :)

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