Sunday, 28 June 2009

Clothing for petite women

Being only 5ft 2, I can sometimes find it quite a challenge buying clothes. It is not only that almost everything I look at is too long, but also many of the styles of clothes do not suit shorter women. It is not just a question of buying something and then shortening it, although I often do this with trousers and jeans. For clothes like jackets and dresses, the waist falls in the wrong place, making everything hang wrong. Clothes with detail around the hem are not easy to shorten without losing the detail.

I have over the years learnt ways if finding clothes that fit and suit petites. Much of this knowledge is passed on from my mum, who is also quite short and has considerable more years of experience in dressing as a petite. Whilst she is not the most adventurous of dressers, she always looks smart, stylish and in proportion.

The key to dressing well as a petite is all about balance and proportion. Yes you can wear this seasons trend for big shoulders, but the big shoulders need to be kept in proportion with your height. This is where shops stocking petite collections come into their own. Not only do they provide a range of clothes that fit perfectly including the waist falling in the right place, but they are also full of fashionable clothes that are suitable for a petite and look completely in proportion and stylish. Clothes in petite collections will usually help to lengthen the body and do not usually contain styles that make the body look any smaller.
For work wear I would definitely recommend Precis Petite. The clothes are smart and stylish but also with a fresh edge to them.  clothing for petite women

clothing for petite women

clothing for petite women

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Lovely dress! I love the Tortuga!