Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Graduate Fashion Week Recycled

recycled clothes
I was really pleased to see that some of the recent trend for second hand clothes and recycled clothes was evident at graduate fashion week in the collection of Lucie Vincini. Graduate fashion week is especially important in influencing future trends as it is likely to be these students that will be the some of the rising stars of fashion over the next few years. The choice to use recycled products will definitely earn them some brownie points with the eco types but they will also have to hold their own in terms of style and innovation. I think Lucie's collection was definitely a collection to be taken seriously and not one just with the novelty factor of being environmentally friendly.

The menswear collection by Lucie Vincini, graduate of UCA Epsom was eclectic, innovative and theatrical. It used a range of recycled materials including a jacket made of Royal Mail bags and trousers made of carrier bags.

picture from www.ameliasmagazine.com

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