Thursday, 2 July 2009

Anyone for Tennis?

tennis clothes
Wimbledon, in spite of the all-white restriction, still sets the trends in tennis wear!

Despite Wimbledon’s unwavering insistence that players wear predominantly white clothing, its courts have for long been the ramp for tennis fashion, where models do their catwalk in between playing spots of tennis.

The players have outdone themselves during this year’s Wimbledon tournament. For the men personalised Nike crest military style outfit for Roger Federer. The jacket has a trendy stand-up collar, epaulettes and golden zip, not to mention it’s monogrammed with his initials RF in gold. Regardless to the criticism he may be receiving within the tennis world, he is on to something in the fashion world.

Roger Federer’s tennis clothes, in particular his multi-pocketed jacket appears to be the front running trend for spring/summer 2010, if this weekend's latest men's fashion shows in Milan are anything to go by. Burberry and Gucci showed casual versions while a grey Versace suit featured four utility pockets on its front. Although it didn’t stop there, like a human pass the parcel, he soon peeled that layer off to reveal a posh waistcoat; even his white Nike trainers had matching gold swishes.

Although Roger Federer has caused a stir with his eccentric attire over the past week, the women were not to be outdone. On the contrary, Serena Williams true to form sported a mini-trench coat and plenty of jewellery. Yes, even jewellery seems something players are wearing on court. The trend for the so called ‘tennis bracelet’ began in 1987 when Chris Evert, the world’s former number 1 woman tennis player and winner of 18 Grand Slam titles was playing in the US Open. During play, the elegant diamond bracelet she was wearing accidentally broke and the match was interrupted to allow her to recover her precious diamonds. The incident sparked the new name for this kind of bracelet and a new jewellery trend was born.


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Roger always looks so good! He really brings class to the sport of tennis! He's been my favorite player for such a long time.