Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Monkey business and Christopher Kane's t shirts

Christopher Kane is the London fashion wonder kid. His spring summer 09 collection inspired by more animals than a day at the zoo has already caused something of a stir. His latest project a collection of monkey t shirts looks like a development of his summer collection inspired by Planet of the Apes and Diane Fossey and her Gorillas. Animal images seem to be a bit of trend of late and I have seen so many different animal designs around. The Christopher Kane version uses aggressive and wild monkeys including Baboons, Mandrills, Chimps and Gorillas bearing their fang like teeth. There are no cute and cuddly monkeys on these t shirts, these are much more like nightmare material or the sort of monkey that would happily eat you for dinner. The pictures are large covering the whole t shirt for maximum effect so that no one could possibly ignore you whilst wearing one.
Quite expensive for a T shirt me thinks but then with Christopher Kane designs becoming more and more popular by the minute, this is investment buying at it's best. Also for most of us it may be the only piece by Christopher Kane that we will ever get our hands on. These T shirts are sure to sell out quick with celebs like Rhianna already getting one, grab your while you can.

Christopher Kane monkey gorilla t shirt

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Kashaya said...

Scary tee's.=) I think I pass.