Friday, 17 July 2009

Ratna Ho SS10

up and coming designer ratna ho
up and coming designer ratna ho

up and coming designer ratna ho

ratna ho

Due to the vast array of exciting and new up and coming designers around the world, I tend to stick to British and occasionally American designers for fear of being over whelmed. But occasionally some thing or some one, should I say, catches my eye outside of these geographical areas. Ratna Ho is definitely one that has caught my eye with a ss10 collection which was part of the graduation show at Lichting, a catwalk show of the best Academy Graduates of the year in the Netherlands. Ratna Ho graduated from the art EZ Institute for Arts, Arnhem.
The collection stood out for its innovative shapes and understated colour scheme mixing a variety of textures and patterns. The angular shapes and patterns of the collection were a reference to tribal tattoos which the designer refers to as something annoying. They have been cleverly transformed into something much softer and more feminine with a fantasy element, and waht Ratna describes as a 'My Little Pony colour scheme'. I am a big fan of My Little Ponies and love that idea.

I love the way the different elements of each outfit are combined and the huge attention to detail. Just look at the amazing shapes of the clutch and bum bags, the intricate pleating and folding of materials and the spider web like designs on the close fitting tights, body suits and bikini like tops, which are so neutral it looks like the designs are on bare skin.
Ratna Ho looks like a designer to look out for on the international fashion front.


crystal said...

Wow! Interesting stuff. I can't wait to see what else she does.

MargieF said...

the shapes on the pieces are amazing...kind of like theyre little nymphs lol

Slanelle said...

i LOVE the 1st outfit