Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Style Eyes Weekly Fashion Round Up 21/07/09

picture from Bamboo Baby - organic-babyclothing.co.uk/blog

This week, I am getting a bit fed up with this non summer. I am already having to dig out some cardigans and jumpers and it doesn't look like my maxi dresses are going to get much wear again this year. Never mind, I have found lots of fashion and style ideas to cheer myself up, I hope they make you feel happier too!

Chic Shopper - I have been seeking out some of the best shopping finds on offer. I have been checking out the very delightful Louis Vuitton and Murakami film, finding out why Crocs are shedding their reputation for lacking in style with the Croc's comfy sandals, noticing Alexa Cheung in her striped tops and lusting after some very gorgeous leopard print clothes. Finally if you have always fancied becoming a fashion blogger, don't miss my post on how to start your own fashion and style photo blog.

Posh Swaps Clothes Swap - this week I have had lots more ideas on being eco friendly, frugal and stylish. I have written about ways that you can have a stylish Eco wedding, reviewed some exciting eco fashion Sew Last Season - Recycled Couture , found some very delicious organic cocktails for your swishing party and give yet more tips on having a great wardrobe on a budget in my post the clothes swap and the thrifty fifteen.

Bamboo Baby - this is not just a blog about organic baby clothing . This week I have also found an amazing Pure Pod organic bamboo dress and looked the effect of fashion on water supplies in making clothes is thirsty work.


Theresa and Sarah said...

I know of a great site that has lots of bamboo clothing and other eco friendly fabrics. I give them a shout out from time to time on my blog- www.embodies.com
Hope you like it! :)

crystal said...

Well...it's been over 100 degrees here for days and days. Count your blessings. :P

Fashion said...

Bamboo and hemp clothing is back in fashion our side, teh hemp is nice because its winter and it maintains warmth