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Summer Style – Glastonbury

Glastonbury style
glastonbury style
glastonbury style
glastonbury style
glastonbury style

It’s not really about fashion, and it certainly isn’t about clothes, but over the last decade, fashion has played a major part in the British festival. Doing for summer fashion what a week long break away in Blackpool would have done in the 1950’s, Glastonbury has become a staple summer break for many Britons nationwide. And as always, the fashionistas are getting in on the act. With a third of female festival goers admitting to investing in a new wardrobe especially for the event it seems the scummy chic festival look has become the ultimate, “I can look good in anything” statement, and an annual competition for fashionista’s nationwide.

With the added benefit of fields and fields of amazing music, Glastonbury is THE British festival of the summer. A festival unlike any other, Glastonbury is colourful, vibrant and edgy. With men wandering round in tu tus and old skool ravers draped in fluorescent body paint whilst strutting around topless in combats, it’s clear that pretty much anything goes. But if you really look, amongst fields and fields of butt revealing shorts, lazy trackies and wellies there are some real style gems. 2009 was a year like any other, with celebs galore attempting to spark a summer trend and out style each other, but there was one crucial thing missing this year, the queen of festival chic, Kate Moss.

So the trend setters and I turned our head to other celeb looks. Lily Allen opted for a cape and uber blonde locks, Peaches Geldof opted for a black lacy number with a statement red beret, (nice but hardly summer time chic) whilst Pixie wore a bright orange headband with a leopard print top. All three were viable fashion looks, but there were no festival fashion staples ala Moss. Think Kate 2004, which was also my first ever Glastonbury. On the Sunday, after 5 mud infested days I walked away from the VIP area I was camping in looking absolutely well, rough. 5 days of mud with no shower facilities had really taken its toll, so i'd taken to wearing my boyfriend’s hoodie as a cover up. Whilst trying to get away from the VIP area as discreetly as possible who should come walking towards me but, of course Moss. She flashed an almost sympathetic smile towards my car crash couture, whilst wearing hot pants with the famous Glastonbury belt, and hunter wellies. Looking well, absolutely perfect. Damn her, I thought.

This was also the year she also donned the oh so fabulous but slightly controversial fur number, and the gold dress which she teamed with Hunter wellies. Hit after hit. But after much study of Kate’s festival style I realised all these outfits have one thing in common. They are uncomplicated. By allowing one piece to make a statement Kate let all the other elements of the outfit will simply compliment that statement. Not one of these outfits has too much going on, but they all somehow ooze summer in that relaxed hippy way that is so perfect for Glastonbury.

So this year I tried to keep it simple, and it was clear to see the staple trends people were relying on. Of course, there were Hunters, and then there were crop tops a plenty, high waisted skirts galore, hippie head bands and plenty of summer whites, plus a few floral numbers. Nautical was favoured and of course anyone who was anyone wore the staple American Apparel body con dress at some point over the weekend. I wore mine with a chequered shirt and ripped tights. And then there were playsuits. Usually quite conscious of donning a playsuit I decided glastos was the perfect place to try it out. I wore my spotty Primark playsuit to see the dead weather Jack White’s new band (featuring Alison Mosshart my new style crush), and found it was both comfy and practical for bouncing around to my new favourite band. Sunnier days I donned denim shorts and a white crop top with gladiators. Simple yet effective. So take note ladies and gents, these are the staples of festival fashion, for now. Well at least until Lady Moss pops out for a day in Pilton next summer to change everything around again...

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Alice Kelleher is a 24 year old freelance writer often known to be distracted by shiny pretty things. Fresh off the block after just returning from a five month travelling trip around south east Asia, Alice is slightly obsessed with Noodles, and totally obsessed by boys in bands and the latest greatest fads and trends. Currently she is working in a Deli part time (she loves cheese), until she finds a stable job in fashion Journalism/fashion PR. Alice also has her own blog Reflection of Alice.

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