Saturday, 29 August 2009

Ada Zanditon SS10

ada zanditon
ada zanditon
ada zanditon
ada zanditon
Graduate Collection
I loved the graduate collection of Ada Zanditon. Theatrical, Scupltural and artistic were all great words to describe but it was certainly not very wearable not for the majority of the population at least. As graduate shows are really about showing what you are made of design wise and practical considerations less of a pressing matter, I am more than happy to enjoy looking at the interesting shapes, textures and patterns that combine to create some very dramatic pieces.
Once graduation is over, most designers have to adapt their artistic tendencies to create more commercially viable collections that are fit for general public consumption. It is always really interesting to see how well they can do this. Judging by the preview of Ada Zandition's SS10 collection, which is showing at Vauxhall Fashion Scout and exhibiting at Somerset House, we have lots to look forward to in terms of gorgeously stylish and wearable clothes.
I also love that this collection is suatinable - more great guilt free shopping!

SS10 Preview


All Women Stalker said...

I've seen these over at Susie Bubble's blog and I thought then that that red piece was just ridiculous. I still think so, apparently. :D Love the rest of the collection, though.


Anonymous said...

Even if the red stuff is ridiculous, it is still the best one she has. The graduate collection was amazing and she has nothing noteworthy after that. The girl seems to struggle with ideas and lacks creativity. The preview of SS10 collection is rubbish. Does she think that red dress with organza shit instead of sleeves is something creative?

Alicia said...

Went to the show at Vauxhall fashion scout and have to say, was not a big fan before but definitely have been converted really enjoyed the colours not overly loud, yet not subtle enough to be called boring. I think this can definitely be called noteworthy and I'm looking forward to seeing what she has to offer.