Friday, 21 August 2009

Float Like a Butterfly - Matthew Williamson High Street Collections

Matthew Williamson Butterfly

Matthew Williamson Butterfly Debenhams
Matthew Williamson Butterfly for Debenhams Pewter Print and Beaded Pleat T Shirt

Matthew Williamson Butterfly Debenhams
Matthew Williamson Butterfly for Debenhams Slinky Jersey Dress

I make no secret of the fact that Matthew Williamson is my favourite designer. I was really excited when the H & M Matthew Willliamson collection was announced but as usual, that particular week I was just too busy and cash strapped to get a piece of the action. This follows a similar pattern for most of these designer collections.

1. Much hype
2. launched on a week when I am snowed under with work/ on holiday etc
3. I go about my usual routine of umming and ahhhing and generally fannying about trying to make a decision on what or whether I should buy something.
4. I realise that every thing is sold out any way.

I guess it is the whole hype and urgency about buying something from these collections that puts me off. I feel like I am being pressurised, a bit like when a door to door sales man is trying to sell you double glazing.

I have mixed feelings about the designer high street collections. I realise that they are never going to be as good as the real thing but if I can't afford the real thing, then sometimes second best is almost as good.

What I am not getting is why such a fuss about the H & M collection but Debenhams who have had a Matthew Williamson range called Butterfly for some time, don't get half the press coverage. Possibly because it has not been marketed as much or because it is not a one off so effectively making it more attainable, therefore less desirable. Perhaps by making these collections so limited and overhyped, the clothes become almost as exclusive and desireable as the real thing.
I have spotted some very gorgeous clothes in the Debenhams Matthew Williamson Butterfly range which definitely capture the spirit and what I love about his designs. Bright colours and striking patterns, glamorous, feminine and intricate details. The slinky jersey dress has made it onto to my absolute must have list - it was definitely love at first site. But what I really love about this range is the lack of hype and time to make up my mind what I really want to buy.


Dream Sequins said...

Love that sequin dress!

All Women Stalker said...

They shine! Love those.


MizzJ said...

That sequin dress is gorgeous! I do agree, I hate all the hype and pressure to buy one of those H&M designer one-offs. They're usually not that great anyways.