Monday, 17 August 2009

Junky Styling Wardrobe Surgery Launch

junky styling wardrobe surgery
junky styling wardrobe surgeryJunky Styling if nothing else is an original concept. Launched by Annika Sanders and Kerry Seager, the girls got teenage kicks back in the 90’s from designing their own clothes for their late night ventures. After many a compliment they decided there was money to be made out of their venture, by making uber cool clothes out of out of other peoples unwanted garms, and therefore a meshed up form of Styling was born. Great concept and interesting clothes.

So when Style eyes were invited to the launch of their “Junky Styling Wardrobe Surgery” book, we were more than happy to attend. On arrival there were cocktails galore served by PVC cat suit clad ladies, models standing on pillars around the room wearing junky’s wacky designs and funky music echoing throughout the event. Niiiice. The dresses were not something I would describe as wearable but they were interesting and very well made. The designs showcased at the event were some of the wackier ones, but for a more toned down alternative do check out their online store ( Unfortunately I didn’t get to pick up a copy of the book so I can’t comment on its content but I know that I personally wouldn’t have the patience for such a project. But, if you fancy yourself as an undiscovered designer or if you have a lot of unwanted clothing you would like to turn into a reworked masterpiece this could be a book for you.
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