Monday, 3 August 2009

The Leather Shift Dress

leather shift dress oasis new look marks and spencers Oasis Leather Dress

This autumn and winter is the time for the more conservative dressers amongst us to embrace their inner vamp. With thigh high leather boots all over the catwalk and leather dresses all over the high street including a sell out version at good old M & S, wearing leather is almost respectable, although I wouldn't suggest wearing the thigh high boots and the dress together would look remotely respectable.

Hopefully Marks and Spencers will be restocking their leather shift dress which was available in black and grey at £149. I have actually found one that I prefer at Oasis. It is less expensive (a very important consideration) but also has a great shape, lovely soft looking leather and some interesting detail around the neck line. Definitely a classic style that is likely to last for seasons to come. I have also spotted a reference to a leather dress from the Limited Collection at New Look in my latest copy of Elle, although I can't yet find it on the website yet, hopefully it will be arriving soon.


roxy B said...

a shift dress is always classic!

Natalie said...

oh i agree! i've had an insatiable craving for a black leather dress since the knockout version published in the Gant a/w 08 brochure. it was love at first sight for me but alas not for them - i scoured london, new york and even amsterdam, no-one seemed to stock it and then i was told it had been withdrawn. withdrawn? why deprive the world of that gorgeous article?! there must have been something funny going on, like when a bouncer won't let you in for wearing the wrong shoes, it means they don't want you in their club; but what have i ever done to upset Gant?! and the cravings continued so i have eventually settled for the oasis number you pictured. great quality leather although i must confess to it being a little too short for my age. i'm sure the M&S or even the new look one would be better for me as bound to have a lower hemline but alas neither are showing on the websites. so my excuse for looking so racy is that i had no alternative!

Style Eyes said...

Funny that. I've also noticed shops/ online stores with pictures of clothes I just have to have but can't seem to buy anywhere.