Monday, 10 August 2009

Planning your fashion for an evening or night out

fashion for an evening out
Cocktail dresses and hot minis may always be the look-out fashion for evening night outs. But remember that you can always be creative in your evening fashion so as to make the most out of your nocturnal activities Planning your evening get up in advance will ensure that you don’t end up in flummox. Here are a few practical tips to save yourself every time someone spontaneously asks you for a night out:

1. Save that Cocktail Dress – No matter how many times you used that dress, it can still be used for other functions. Just make sure that the event you’re going to doesn’t contain the same people as before.

2. Go Get Those Bargains - Always invest on something you can always mix and match in case you have night parties to attend to in a row!

3. Accessorizing is the Key - Let’s face it – getting the right kind of accessories is very important to look good on that evening night out. You can get that look for less with designer-inspired jewelry which will be the cherry on top of your overall ensemble.


All Women Stalker said...

This is why I have 4 LDBs. They're great for night outs and easy to accessorize. :)


wedding saree said...

good stuff

Jane said...

A black dress is the perfect outfit for your night out