Saturday, 22 August 2009

Topshop AW09 - boots, sequins and studs

I am writing this post at 5am on a Sunday morning (don't ask), so forgive me if I it is slightly rambling and lacking in clarity. But when I opened my emails to find (amongst several hundred other emails) a mailshot about the Topshop AW09 collection, I couldn't resist a little look. The look book centered around four main themes. There was just one thing that really jumped out at me - the boots.

As part of my carefully planned winter wardrobe, I have already decided that I will be needing some new boots and was pretty excited to see what is on offer. I couldn't believe it when I spotted the over the knee boots. Although I am really unsure how these will work on someone only 5ft 2 tall, I am going to have to give them a try out anyway. I was pretty disappointed to find the electric blue ones were not for sale but consoled myself with the fact that they had some flat options (perfect for everyday wear). I also love the lace up boots, perhaps I will give these a try aswell!

Whilst none of the lookbook outfits really appealed to me (but then I am probably slightly older than your average Topshop customerr) there were plenty of individual items that I really liked.
Topshop AW09
The skirt and boots.
topshop aw09 The boots again

topshop aw09
Not sure about this one - all that drippy blood writing is not really my thing.

Topshop autumn winter 09 The trousers and guess what? the boots.

topshop autumn winter 09
The jacket (and boots)

topshop autumn winter 09 The jumper

Autumn winter 2009 trends The bag
topshop aw09 yet more boots.

topshop aw09 The jacket

topshop aw09This was probaby my favourite of all the looks, I love the electric blue with the black and sequins.

topshop aw09 The jacket
No surprise then that I loved the sequins, studs, patterns and bright colours.


Slanelle said...

i'm not so sure about this collection. I have the impression that they're trying too hard !! lol

Niki said...

I love the first look, a great clash of patterns and textures (what autumn/winter 09 is oing to be all about for me). I also love the cobweb jumper and strappy shoes – it’s so grungy! I’m predicting lots of Courtney Love lookie likeys emerging this season.

guess said...

lovely collection