Saturday, 26 September 2009

Astley Clarke - Nature Inspired Jewellery

nature inspired jewellery

nature inspired jewellery

nature inspired jewellery I always love to see what designer jewellery is at Astley Clarke. On my latest visit I spyed this jewellery . It has a really contemporary look and would look amazing with a simple casual outfit. The necklaces are by the Agrigento design team in New York and inspired by the natural world and an inherent love of sicily. They are hand carved, hand formed and hand polished, made in sterling silver and dipped in either liquid platinum or 18ct yellow gold. There is a whole range of jewellery pieces including earrings, rings and bangles but the necklaces (particularly the octopus) are definitely my favourites.


All Women Stalker said...

I'll have the seahorse one, please.


roxy B said...

cool octopus!

panni said...

Nice shape.Design very nice.I like this.

ian.bowden said...

Astley Clarke are giving away a Purple Amethyst Pendant in 14ct White Gold at My Voucher Codes today.