Friday, 25 September 2009

Evening Shoe Heaven

evening shoes

evening shoes
evening shoes

I never fail to be amazed the innovative and groundbreaking fashion accessories that I manage to find whilst poking about on the internet. I am particularly amazed and pleased with myself for my latest discovery with has that winning combination of design excellence and affordability, something that you come across very often.

Dionne Gooding footwear has a range of unique shoe designs for both evening and casual. Her designs are embellished using studs, swarovski crystals and fabrics to give footwear that will most definitely become a key feature in any outfit and a talking point on a night out. My favourites:- the studded, the frilled, I think I am in love with them all.

The Dionne Gooding brand was established in 2008. Dionne studied Mixed Media Textiles at De Montfort University where she learned to incorporate her textiles techniques in footwear.

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Eggy said...

oh geez, those are all amazing. my fave is the studded one. great finds and i love your blog!!