Saturday, 19 September 2009

Fame and Fashion

There has been a huge resurgence of all things eighties lately, namely the film Fame, which I saw advertised on the TV last night and can't wait to see. I noticed that Debenhams is about to launch a Fame inspired range for Pineapple. Unfortunately I missed the launch last Thursday which involved a full Fame experience at Pineapple Studios, London, where attendees were put through their paces in an 80s dance class set to tracks from the hit film. Pineapple opened in New York in 1984 and is closely associated with the whole 80's dance thing, the new Fame collection will celebrate their 30th birthday.

I am looking forward to lots more Fame inspired clothes over the next year. Looks like the collection has yet to be released but in the mean time I have found some great dance wear at Pineapple. They say that you shouldn't wear a trend if you remember it first time around but I can't help trying to think of a way of sneaking some legwarmers into outfit.
fame pineapple dance wear
fame pineapple dancewear

Neon pink side tie crop topfame pineapple dance wear

Pink leg warmers

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