Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Shopping and goodies supports thyroid cancer awareness month

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This edition of Weekly Shopping and Goodies is dedicated to supporting and raising Thyroid Cancer Awareness. September brings us Fashion Week and Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month.
Thyroid Cancer is now the 6th most common Cancer in women and has increased in incidence rates over the last few years. The message for Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month is "Find It Early." This Cancer is often overlooked, slow growing and is known to be more prevalent in women. This week the Shopping and Goodies Crew have discussed incredible fashion options for patients who are Post Thyroid Surgery. They have found everything from Scar Necklaces to Cashmere Scarves, to the best Sunscreen,Turtlenecks and so much more.

Please visit the Thyca website to learn more about this disease.

A Few Goody Gumdrops Supports Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month and asks Is Your Neck In Check?
Being High Maintenance, not Bitchy showcases ways to jazz up a simple turtleneck!
Perfect for anyone, including those recovering from thyroid surgery.
Fashion Fille has an excellent post about fashionably wearing turtlenecks, which are great for covering surgery scars.
Fashion Hippo found perfect fall scarves to blend summer pieces with fall wardrobe.
Princess Dominique Dishes Fashion. She adores the Fair Isle Cowl Neck Sweaterdress.
It's a Staple for every Fall Wardrobe.Shopping and Info likes LA Mer sunscreen for Thyroid Cancer survivors. found a new trend for Thyroid Cancer Survivors Scar Necklaces!
Style Eyes finds some quirky and unusual necklaces to hide any scars in her post neck love and necklaces
TheFind Blog is wrapped up in the luxe look of dramatic cashmere scarves from French Architect turned designer Denis Colomb.
Unfunded Supports Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month by discussing one of the biggest neck offenders...VAMPIRES!
What's Haute Magazine tells how to protect your neck with Love Quotes scarves + check your neck for thyroid cancer.



Many thanks for raising thyroid cancer awareness! Love all the helpful posts! xo, Betsy

Dentist Abilene said...

Those are very nice products to support patients who are suffering from the disease.