Friday, 4 September 2009

A Shopping Trip in London

Scarf - Charity Shop
Dress - Oasis
Jacket - Autograph at M & S
Bag - Littlewoods
Shoes - Poetic Licence at ASOS
Tights - I can't remember

I don't often go shopping in London, I usually shop online or in nearby Bath or Bristol but yesterday I grabbed the opportunity to spend a few hours shopping before a meeting in Oxford Street. I am still getting the hang of the new camera and was in a rush to get the train hence the grumpy face and eyes shut. This outfit was my attempt at looking slightly business like (for the meeting) without doing the whole boring black suit thing. Also with the autumnal winds yesterday, I felt it was high time that I admitted summer was over and put some tights on. No hardship really as I completely love my coloured tights and they added some much needed colour.

I'll have to admit I didn't end up buying very much just a pair of long navy shorts which I intend to wear in navy tights and a bright orange top and 2 necklaces. Infact I hardly made it out of Topshop, I just wandered around in complete amazement at the size of the place (I haven't been there for quite a few years). How could someone as indecisive as me possibly make a decision on what to buy in just a few hours?

I was completely flabbergasted by the cost of the train, even off peak, which meant that I had to hang around until 7pm to get the train home. I would probably have been cheaper to hire a chaffeur driven limosine. Now there's an idea for my next shopping trip!


Alice said...

Love the scarf!

Where was your fabulous charity hunt??

Alice x

Style Eyes said...

Just the local Red Cross Shop where I pop in when ever passing and grab what ever goodies they have on offer. I think other people are catching on though, al the good stuff seems to be gone when I get there lately.