Thursday, 10 September 2009

Stuck in the Corner

fashion film
There seem to be many interesting goings on powered by the Yoox Group lately not least the new D Squared store and - the virtual space showcasing “mini-stores” from artisans and cutting-edge brands which has just launched it's womens wear range.

Both have chosen videos as a way of promoting their launch campaigns. I am not sure quite what to think of them. D Squared2 was an amusing video where two stylists style an unsuspecting male model- think Gok Wan meets Trinny and Susannah for men. If nothing else it made me laugh and have a look at what they had to offer. I guess it served it's purpose.

For the Corner, a more intense and serious fashion film by Nick Knight and SHOWSTUDIO. I'm afraid I have no idea of the point of this one. I think I must be missing something, all a bit dark for my liking. I really wanted to get a look at the clothes but couldn't see enough to satisfy my hunger for the details, infact I got bored after 30 seconds or less. That said I did then go and check out the collections (which weren't at all bad) so perhaps that was the point, they got what they wanted.

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